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  • Associate Professor Robotics
    Lab Helper Lab

Research Interest

Robot learning, artificial intelligence, big data analysis, bioinformatics


  • Ph.D./Aerospace Engineering, University of Southern California (USC)

Journal Article

  • (2022)  Identification of Geriatric Depression and Anxiety Using Activity Tracking Data and Minimal Geriatric Assessment Scales.  APPLIED SCIENCES-BASEL.  12,  5
  • (2021)  A Novel Robot-Assisted Kinematic Measure for Children with Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder: A Preliminary Study.  PSYCHIATRY INVESTIGATION.  18,  7
  • (2021)  Target Recovery for Robust Deep Learning-Based Person Following in Mobile Robots: Online Trajectory Prediction.  APPLIED SCIENCES-BASEL.  11,  9
  • (2020)  Analysis of Health Insurance Big Data for Early Detection of Disabilities: Algorithm Development and Validation.  JMIR MEDICAL INFORMATICS.  8,  11
  • (2020)  Binary-Relevance Classification of Depression and Anxiety in the Elderly Using Low-Cost Activity Trackers.  JOURNAL OF MEDICAL IMAGING AND HEALTH INFORMATICS.  10,  6
  • (2020)  Simultaneous Clustering and Classification of Function Recovery Patterns of Ischemic Stroke.  JOURNAL OF MEDICAL IMAGING AND HEALTH INFORMATICS.  10,  6
  • (2020)  Deep-Learning-Based Indoor Human Following of Mobile Robot Using Color Feature.  SENSORS.  20,  9
  • (2019)  Synthesis method of a mapping matrix for gravity compensators.  JOURNAL OF MECHANICAL SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY.  33,  12
  • (2019)  Trilateral convolutional neural network for 3D shape reconstruction of objects from a single depth view.  IET IMAGE PROCESSING.  13,  13
  • (2019)  Robot-Assisted ADHD Screening in Diagnostic Process.  JOURNAL OF INTELLIGENT & ROBOTIC SYSTEMS.  95,  2
  • (2018)  Calibration Algorithm of a Spring Static Balancer.  INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF PRECISION ENGINEERING AND MANUFACTURING.  19,  10
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  • (2018)  Skin lesion segmentation in dermoscopy images via deep full resolution convolutional networks.  COMPUTER METHODS AND PROGRAMS IN BIOMEDICINE.  162, 
  • (2018)  Simultaneous detection and classification of breast masses in digital mammograms via a deep learning YOLO-based CAD system.  COMPUTER METHODS AND PROGRAMS IN BIOMEDICINE.  157, 
  • (2018)  로봇을 이용한 활동과제 제시에 따른 ADHD 선별 가능성 연구.  정서·행동장애연구.  34,  1
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  • (2017)  Analysis of Pelvis-Thorax Coordination Patterns of Professional and Amateur Golfers during Golf Swing.  JOURNAL OF MOTOR BEHAVIOR.  49,  6
  • (2016)  Inter-joint coordination between hips and trunk during downswings: Effects on the clubhead speed.  JOURNAL OF SPORTS SCIENCES.  34,  20
  • (2015)  Structural Brain Changes after Traditional and Robot-Assisted Multi-Domain Cognitive Training in Community-Dwelling Healthy Elderly.  PLOS ONE.  10,  4
  • (2012)  로봇을 이용한 장애아동 원격지원 시스템 구축.  특수교육재활과학연구.  51,  1

Conference Paper

  • (2019)  Supervised Classification of Geriatric Anxiety.  2019 4th International Conference on Intelligent Information Technology (ICIIT 2019).  VIET NAM
  • (2018)  군집화 기술을 이용한 뇌졸중 환자들의 재활 추이별 유형 분석.  제어로봇시스템학회 국내학술대회.  KOREA, REPUBLIC OF
  • (2017)  Recognition of Human Hand Activities Based On a Single Wrist IMU Using Recurrent Neural Networks.  2017 5th International Conference on Biological and Medical Sciences.  JAPAN
  • (2017)  Computer-Aided Identification of Childhood ADHD using Robot-Assisted Test.  GAI International Academic Conferences Proceedings.  CZECH REPUBLIC
  • (2017)  Machine Learning Approach to Classification of Childhood Disabilities for Special Education.  6th International Conference on Developments in Engineering and Technology.  THAILAND
  • (2015)  특수교육 대상자 선정검사결과를 토대로 한 지도학습 기반 아동장애 분류.  한국로봇종합학술대회.  KOREA, REPUBLIC OF