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Research Interest

Oxide semiconductor TFT 
Stretchable battery 
Silver nanowire transparent electrode 
Gas sensor

Journal Articles

  • (2022)  Bioinspired, Shape-Morphing Scale Battery for Untethered Soft Robots.  SOFT ROBOTICS.  9,  3
  • (2022)  Novel Co(OH)F/Zn(OH)F heterostructures for acetone gas sensor applications: Materials synthesis, characterization, and sensor performance evaluation.  SENSORS AND ACTUATORS B-CHEMICAL.  356, 
  • (2022)  Novel Method of Measuring the Thickness of Nanoscale Films Using Energy Dispersive X-Ray Spectroscopy Line Scan Profiles.  ADVANCED MATERIALS INTERFACES.  9,  7
  • (2021)  Low-energy intense pulsed light annealing of InZnO sol-gel films via employment of a resonant absorber.  APPLIED PHYSICS LETTERS.  119,  13
  • (2021)  Nickel sulfide nanorods decorated on graphene as advanced hydrogen evolution electrocatalysts in acidic and alkaline media.  JOURNAL OF COLLOID AND INTERFACE SCIENCE.  608,  1
  • (2021)  Optimization and fabrication of a planar thermoelectric generator for a high-performance solar thermoelectric generator.  CURRENT APPLIED PHYSICS.  22, 
  • (2021)  Perpendicularly anchored ReSe2 nanoflakes on reduced graphene oxide support for highly efficient hydrogen evolution reactions.  CHEMICAL ENGINEERING JOURNAL.  405, 
  • (2020)  Development of Co(OH)(x)F2-x Nanosheets for Acetone Gas Sensor Applications: Material Characterization and Sensor Performance Evaluation.  CRYSTALS.  10,  11
  • (2020)  Zn(OH)F Nanorods for Highly Sensitive NO2 Gas Sensor Applications.  JOURNAL OF THE KOREAN PHYSICAL SOCIETY.  77,  11
  • (2020)  Hydrothermal synthesis of mesoporous ZnO microspheres as NOx gas sensor materials - Calcination effects on microstructure and sensing performance.  CERAMICS INTERNATIONAL.  46,  11
  • (2020)  Flower-shaped ZnO nanomaterials for low-temperature operations in NOx gas sensors.  CERAMICS INTERNATIONAL.  46,  5
  • (2020)  Improved sinterability of micro-scale copper paste with a reducing agent.  MATERIALS LETTERS.  269,  -
  • (2019)  Facile synthesis of manganese cobalt sulfide nanoparticles as high-performance supercapacitor electrode.  CERAMICS INTERNATIONAL.  45,  16
  • (2019)  Ultra-Thin ReS2 Nanosheets Grown on Carbon Black for Advanced Lithium-Ion Battery Anodes.  MATERIALS.  12,  9
  • (2019)  Highly Efficient Nanocarbon Coating Layer on the Nanostructured Copper Sulfide-Metal Organic Framework Derived Carbon for Advanced Sodium-Ion Battery Anode.  MATERIALS.  12,  8
  • (2019)  Pt-doped Ni-silicide films formed by pulsed-laser annealing: Microstructural evolution and thermally robust Ni1-xPtxSi2 formation.  JOURNAL OF ALLOYS AND COMPOUNDS.  788,  1
  • (2019)  Effects of flux formulation temperature on printing and wetting properties of Sn-3.0Ag-0.5Cu solder.  JOURNAL OF MATERIALS SCIENCE-MATERIALS IN ELECTRONICS.  30,  9
  • (2019)  Effect of thermal annealing on the strain and microstructures of in-situ phosphorus-doped Si1-xCx films grown on blanket and patterned silicon wafers.  JOURNAL OF ALLOYS AND COMPOUNDS.  790,  1
  • (2018)  Nickel Doping on Cobalt Oxide Thin Film Using by Sputtering Process-a Route for Surface Modification for p-type Metal Oxide Gas Sensors.  JOURNAL OF THE KOREAN PHYSICAL SOCIETY.  73,  12
  • (2018)  Thickness effects on the microstructure and electrical/thermoelectric properties of co-evaporated Bi-Te thin films.  JOURNAL OF ALLOYS AND COMPOUNDS.  767, 

Patent/Intellectual Property

  • 세슘을 이용한 플렉스블 투명전극필름 제조방법 및 그에 의해 제조된 플렉스블 투명 전극 필름.  10-2013-0115192.  20141119.  KOREA, REPUBLIC OF
  • 반도체 3차원 적층공정에서의 이중 확산방지층을 포함하는 범프 및 그 제조방법.  10-2011-0136347.  20140129.  KOREA, REPUBLIC OF

Honors / Awards

  • Presidential Scholar Award, Microscopy Society of America, 1997
  • Recognition Award, Lucent Technologies, 2001
  • Active member of Materials Research Society(MRS)
  • Teaching award, Engineering school of Sungkyunkwan University, 2009&2013

Conference Paper

  • (2015)  Silver nanowire-based transparent conductive films.  2015 차세대 리소그라피 학술대회.  KOREA, REPUBLIC OF
  • (2015)  SIlver nanowires-based transparent conductive films.  ICFPE 2015.  TAIWAN
  • (2014)  A study to reduce deviations of sensitivities to constant CO gas of Pt doped SnO2 thin film based micro gas sensor.  Pacsurf2014.  UNITED STATES
  • (2014)  Enhancement of contact properties of Ytterbium silicide by alloying with Molybdenum.  Pacsurf2014.  UNITED STATES
  • (2014)  Rheological and electrical properties of Sn-Ag-Cu solder paste for reverse offset pringting by the particla size distribution.  Pacsurf2014.  UNITED STATES
  • (2014)  "A Study on Thermoelectric Device Aspects: Microstructure Evolution and Contact Resistance".  ENGE.  KOREA, REPUBLIC OF
  • (2014)  Development of stretchable electrode using a carbon nanotube thin film embedded onto polymer-CNT composite.  ENGE.  KOREA, REPUBLIC OF
  • (2014)  미세구조 변화와 접촉저항의 특성에 따른 열전소자의 특성 연구.  추계금속재료학회.  KOREA, REPUBLIC OF
  • (2014)  탄소나노튜브를 이용한 리튬이온배터리의 신축가능한 집전체 개발.  추계금속재료학회.  KOREA, REPUBLIC OF
  • (2014)  Planarization of Ag nanowire films for flexible OLED application as bottom electrode.  ICFPE2014.  CHINA
  • (2014)  Development of Yb Silicide with Low Schottky Barrier by Forming Epitaxial Layer.  반도체학술대회.  KOREA, REPUBLIC OF
  • (2014)  Enhancement of thermal stability of ytterbium silicide by alloying with molybdenum.  반도체학술대회.  KOREA, REPUBLIC OF
  • (2014)  Performance Enhancement for Ag Nanowire-Based Transparent Conductor using TiO2:Cs Sol-Gel.  반도체학술대회.  KOREA, REPUBLIC OF
  • (2013)  Evaluation of Mechanical Property of Sn-Ag Bonding Layer Adopting Ni(P)/Cu Bi-layer Diffusion Barrier for 3D integration.  EPTC 2013.  SINGAPORE
  • (2013)  A study on the low Schottky barrier height of ytterbium germanide on the n-type Ge.  TACT 2013.  TAIWAN
  • (2013)  Enhancement of thermal stability of ytterbium silicide by alloying with molybdenum.  TACT 2013.  TAIWAN
  • (2013)  Microstructure study of Si-alloy thin film anode electrode for flexible Li-ion batteries.  ICFPE2013.  KOREA, REPUBLIC OF
  • (2013)  Performance enhancement for Ag nanowire-based transparent conductor using TiO2 sol-gel.  ICFPE2013.  KOREA, REPUBLIC OF
  • (2013)  Sn nanowire-based anode with Ti adhesion layer for Flexible Li-ion batteries.  ICFPE2013.  KOREA, REPUBLIC OF
  • (2013)  Standardization roadmap for printed electronics.  ICFPE 2013.  KOREA, REPUBLIC OF