Main Research Field

Nano Materials

Nano materials group at SAINT, is an interdisciplinary research group of faculty and students studying design, preparation, and integration of nanosacle materials and advanced nanotechnology-based applications. Research focuses on nanoparticles, nanowires, nanoscale organic compounds and nanocomposite materials both in the form of thin films and as bulk materials, and their applications to broad range of advanced technology from information technology, biotechnology to energy-related applications. 



Particular Research

Nano-structure fabrication for display and bio-applications


Anodic oxidation of aluminum and titanium materials

Applying for medical care products (:Stent) and assist structures of Solar cell or Display devices

Carbon nanotube growth and applications

Development for transparent and conductive film formation using MW-CNTs

Development for super growth of CNTs

Development for SWNT growth of CNTs using Magnetic CVD

Development of a neutral beam etching


Possibility to make nano-device for next generation

Developing new concept of nano-pattern etching technology for the application of MEMs, bio-sensor and other areas Ultra large-scale Inductively Coupled Plasma

Large-area plasma processing applied to flat panel displays (FPDs) among the high density plasma sources

Low impedance antenna arrangement of internal linear ICP source for large area FPD processing

Low temperature functional thin film deposition


Development for transparent conducting cathode for top emission OLED

Fabrication on multi buffer layer for GaN epitaxial growth Development for high efficiency phosphor

Development for phosphor applied UV-LED

Development for next generation emission materials

Functional polymer synthesis and functional composites


Transparent polymers synthesis and composites

Polymer-based carbon/CNT/graphite/activated carbon composites

Polymeric composites for high-thermal conductivity, low-k, high-k Multifunctional core-shell bead structures

Continuous or particulate shell structures of noble metals or inorganic materials

In-site electroless metallization on polymer core surfaces

Optoelectronic applications in electronic paper, photonic crystal, biosensing.

One dimensional semiconductor nanowire synthesis


Metal-free silicon nanowires growth and measurement of electronic and photonic properties
Nano-molecular self-assembly for hierarchical structures

Integration of polymeric and biological nano-materials for high performance electronic and energy-related devices








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