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Main Research Field

Nano Devices

Our research focuses on nano-electronics having strong potential and high impact for future application in the areas of DNA based molecular-electronics, high-k based non-volatile memories, quantum electronics, and photonics.

Particular Research

Particular Research
  • Nano- and Bio-electronics & Fabrication
    • The method of transforming DNA into molecule semiconducting wire
    • The nanowires using the conjugation of DNA and metal
    • The new technique to form the Nanometer scale gap in metal electrode
Particular Research
  • MRAM, FRAM, SCM, Molecular Devices
    • Characterize a electrical and a physical properties of MTJ cells using SPM.
    • Polarization properties of ferroelectric thin film are characterized with KFM and SNDM.
    • Analyze the doping concentration and profile of nano-scale electric device, using the SCM
    • Making 3 terminal devices of molecular electronics
Particular Research
  • High-K Dielectric Materials and Etching
    • High-k HfO2 and ZrO2 for flash memory application
    • Dual Charge Storage Layer
    • Deep via etching
Particular Research
  • Fundamental Physics, III-V Mlecular Beam Epitaxy
    • Low dimensional electron transport, multilayer two-dimensional electron systems, quantum computing using surface acoustic wavers and single photon detector
    • High mobility modulation-doped 2D electron gases, quantum devices fabrication by growth, self-assembled quantum dots and magnetic thin film and spin injection devices
    • Transport through single molecules-molecular electronics and selective self- assembly and molecular recognition with DNA
Particular Research
  • Nano-photonics & Semiconductor-based Photonic Device
    • Ultrasmall photonic chips, trapping of photons, single photons source for quantum communication, bio-chemical sensor, nonlinear optical devices, and so on.